Fantastic Recap of the T-Scale Year-End Party!

The captured moments are truly wonderful.  As we step into the New Year, it brings fresh hopes and dreams on a blank canvas.  We commemorated the passing year of 2023 with one of the most splendid events and a solemn ceremony.  As we move forward into 2024, let's continue our hard work together, combining our efforts and hearts to face the future courageously! Here's to several many many years of success and prosperity!

All T-Scale employees gathered, radiating freshness and beauty.  The backdrop, adorned with bright red faucets, set a cute and vibrant tone for group photos, capturing this beautiful moment.  The venue exuded elegance, hosting a majestic opening show followed by an array of unpredictable programs and countless awards.  Let's revisit these fantastic moments together and kickstart this splendid feast in high spirits!

Reflecting on the Year 2023!

Accompanied by the melody of challenges, passionate music resonated, bringing forth highlights from the past.  In an instant, everyone was transported back to the memorable moments of previous years.  The vivid and evocative images of the past came to life, creating a nostalgic and reflective atmosphere.

The Party Begin!

The host gracefully steps onto the stage, setting the tone for an electrifying atmosphere throughout the venue.  As the countdown commences, excitement fills the air—five, four, three, two, one!  The jubilant tune of “Congratulations and Celebrations”fills the space, accompanied by the presence of beaming executives and figures of prosperity.  They delight the crowd with song and dance, embodying the spirit of festivity as they sprinkle sweet treats upon the attendees, symbolizing the onset of wealth and good fortune.  Let's revel in this delightful moment together, embracing the promise of prosperity and happiness!

Honoring Senior Employees and Outstanding Achievers

Employees of the Year

Ten Years of Employees

Twenty Years of Employees

Harvest springs from unwavering dedication, Accomplishments arise from diligent toil.  Life rewards those who dare to dream and persevere!  Gratitude to the company, gratitude to colleagues, gratitude to all of you, for journeying with us every step of the way!

Opening Toast

Let's raise our glasses to commence this celebration!  The chairman and senior executives lead the toast, expressing gratitude for your trust and support.  This gathering allows us the chance to bond over food and laughter.  Let's join together in toasting, wishing our team even greater unity and prosperity ahead.  Cheers!

Sichuan Opera Face Changing

The program directed and performed by our talented friends electrified the entire venue. Here's the prestigious Best Performance Award for the mesmerizing Sichuan Opera face-changing act.  Each transformation is akin to bewitching magic, with rapid shifts between masks, leaving the audience spellbound and unable to anticipate the next moment.  The atmosphere reaches its zenith as screams of excitement nearly bring down the roof!

In this performance, footsteps glide smoothly, Bearing blossoms, they enter the realm of three dances, Fluid forms intertwine with shifting light and shade, Stirring the audience's fervor in an instant, Captivating their attention effortlessly, Submerged in the allure of this dance performance~

Amidst the spectacle, graceful men and women intertwine, Their movements swift, transitioning seamlessly, In a whirlwind of frenetic steps, Their fervor ignites like a blazing flame, Emanating boundless power and passion!

I'm a Singer Competition

Thrilling Raffle 

With cash prizes totaling tens of thousands of dollars, And a plethora of exquisite gifts up for grabs, doubt not your chances to win!

Finally, with President Mr. Michael Fu and General Manager Mr. Bryan Fu, concluded the annual meeting ceremony with the resounding chorus of all company management singing“Don't Give Up.”  The event ended on a successful note, and the company extends its gratitude to everyone involved for their dedication and robust support.

We want to extend heartfelt blessings to all T-Scale friends and families.  Your unwavering presence has been appreciated throughout our journey, and we express gratitude to friends who have consistently supported us.  As we bid farewell to the past year, we thank you for your past support and eagerly anticipate your continued encouragement in the future!